Workshop on Low-Dimensional Dynamics

This Workshp is part of the Semester on Dynamics Beyond Hyperbolicity,held at IMPA in Augsut - November 2013. It aims to bring together a selected group of experts in Low-Dimensional Dynamics from all over the world and the Brazilian community in Dynamical Systems, including researchers, post-docs and doctoral students.


Monday | 18.11.2013

E. Pujals | IMPA - Boundary of chaos for dissipative annulus twist map - download

J. Lamb | Imperial College London - Additive noise does not destroy a pitchfork bifurcation - download

V. Pinheiro | Universidade Federal da Bahia - Finiteness of Attractors for One-Dimensional Maps with Discontinuities - download

Sebastian van Strien | Imperial College London - Quasi-symmetric rigidity of interval maps (Part I) - download

Tuesday | 19.11.2013

Sebastian van Strien | Imperial College - Quasi-symmetric rigidity of interval maps (Part II) - download

Maik Gröger | University of Bremen and Tu Dresden - An entropy-like notion for low-complexity systems - download

Kleyber Cunha | Universidade Federal da Bahia - Renormalization for some piecewise smooth homeomorphisms of the circle - download

Carlos Gustavo Moreira | IMPA - On the Markov and Lagrange spectra and their dynamical generalizations - download

Wednesday | 20.11.2013

Daniel Smania | USP-São Carlos - On the renormalization operator for multimodal maps - download

Juan Rivera | PUC-Chile - Divergence of geometric equilibrium states at zero temperature - download

Thursday | 21.11.2013

Pablo Guarino Quiñones | USP-São Paulo - Rigidity of Smooth Critical Circle Maps - download

P. Brandão | IMPA - On the Structure of Attractors of Contracting Lorenz Maps - download

Edson de Faria | USP-IME - On Sloane's persistence problem - download

Davoud Cheraghi | Warwick - Satellite renormalization of complex quadratic polynomials - download

Friday | 22.11.2013

André Navas | Universidad de Santiago de Chile - On ergodic type properties for codimension-1 foliations - download

Sofia Trejo | University of Warwick - A unified proof of complex bounds for multimodal maps - download

Alejandro Kocsard | UFF - Livsic theorem for cocycles with values in diffeomorphism groups - download

Artur Avila | IMPA - TBA (não foi gravada)