Workshop Internacional de Sistemas Dinâmicos. Celebrando os 90 anos do Professor Maurício Peixoto

Scientific Committee

Jacob Palis (IMPA) 
Marcelo Viana (IMPA)
Welington de Melo (IMPA)


Wednesday 13-04-2011

Sergey Novikov

Pdf: Ground states of 2D Supersymmetric Pauli Operator in Magnetic Field and Soliton Theory

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Ferry Kwakkel

Pdf: Dynamics of non-resonant torus homeomorphisms

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Alberto Pinto

Pdf: Renormalizing the pendulum after Galileo's observation

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Armengol Gasull

Pdf: Chebyshev systems and limit cycles

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Edson de Faria

Pdf: Hyperbolicity of renormalization for unimodal maps: a guided tour

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E. Pujals and E. Lima

Opening Ceremony: Mauricios´ trajectory-reminiscence.

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Thursday 14-04-2011

Marco Martens

Pdf: Renormalization of conservative Henon-maps: Rigidity

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Etienne Ghys

Pdf: From Chebyshev nets to Painlevé differential equations.

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Fernando Cukierman

Pdf: Varieties of complexes and foliations.

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Diogo Pinheiro

Pdf: The chaotic motion of a charged particle moving in an electric lattice under a uniform magnetic field

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Ketty Rezende

Pdf: Dynamical Spectral Sequences in Conley's Theory

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Charles Tresser

Pdf: What mathematics for the physics of small scale would generate geometry as we know it, by averaging or otherwise?

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John Mather

Pdf: Arnold Diffusion in Two and One Half and Three Degrees of Freedom

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Friday 15-04-2011

Charles Pugh

Pdf: Jordan curves and funnel sections

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Yang Jiagang

Pdf: Geometric structures for physical measures

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Carlos Aragão

Pdf: From mathematical curiosity to experimental reality: metamaterials, photonics, and plasmonics

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Jorge Sotomayor

Pdf: The work of Peixoto on Structural Stability as a paradigm for the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations of Classical Geometry.

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Andre de Carvalho

Pdf: Pruning, new definitions and results.

Video: download

Ronaldo Garcia

Pdf: Dynamical behavior of special curves on surfaces

Video: download

Sheldon Newhouse

Pdf: An algorithm for the existence of chaos in the Lorenz differential equations
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Lectures and Others