Symmetries in Mathematics and Physics II

Organizing Committee

Bojko Bakalov (NCSU) 
Carina Boyallian (Famaf) 
Nicoletta Cantarini (Bologna) 
Pavel Etingof (MIT) 
Vyacheslav Futorny (USP) 
Reimundo Heluani (IMPA)


Monday, 24/06/2013

M. WakimotoMock modular representations of affine Lie superalgebras of rank 2 - download
M. GorelikOn the Kac-Wakimoto formulas for admissible modulesdownload
M. Vergne Dahmen-Micchelli polynomials and equivariant K-theory download
A. BravermanInstantons and W-algebras - download

Tuesday, 25/06/2013

R. HeluaniMathiew's Moonshine - download
N. BerkovitsTwisting the superstring - download
E. Frenkel Baxter relations and polynomiality of transfer-matrices - download
R. LongoOperator Algebraic Construction of Models in Conformal and Quantum Field Theory - download

Wednesday, 26/06/2013

I. Shestakov - Non-associative Lie Theory - download
E. Zelmanov - Identities in p- adic groups - download

Thursday, 27/06/2013

A. De Sole - Classical W-algebras - download
S-J. Cheng - Irreducible characters of the general Lie superalgebras - download
D. Gaitsgory - One (vertex) ring to rule them all: a chiral (vertex) algebra responsible for quantum geometric Langlands correspondence - download
A. Okounkov- On some interesting Lie algebras - download

Friday, 28/06/2013

B. Bakalov - Kac-Wakimoto hierarchies and Wconstraints - download
T. Arakawa - W-algebras and Vinberg's problem for centralizers - download
V. Sokolov - Integrable differential equations with matrix variables - download
- Panel lead by V. Kac - download