IV Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometry, Mechanics and Control

The “Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometry, Mechanics and Control” aims to gather not only experts on Geometric Mechanics, but also students and researchers on applied and related topics in pure mathematics. This meeting is the 4th event of a series of biennial meetings (previously held in Santiago de Compostela in 2008, Bariloche in 2011 and Salamanca in 2012). 

This edition of the Iberoamerican Meeting will celebrate the 65th birthday of Prof. Jair Koiller. 

Geometric Mechanics uses techniques and methods of differential geometry to study Hamiltonian (or Lagrangian) classical systems, field theory, quantum mechanics, control theory, differential equations and integrable systems, etc. The methods involve primarily symplectic geometry and Lie theory. Applications include imaging science, control problems in physics and other areas of engineering, and cell biology. Ideas from geometric mechanics also lead to efficient numerical methods for variational problems arising from engineering and biomathematics. 

The conference will also host the "PIMS Marsden Memorial Lecture" by Prof. Mathieu Desbrun[Announcement].


April 7, 2014

10h00  - 11h00 - A.Weinstein - download
11h30  - 12h30 - M. Gotay download
14h30  - 15h00 - L. Garcia Naranjodownload
15h00  - 15h30 - P. Balseirodownload
15h30  - 16h00 - S. Ferrarodownload
16h30  - 17h30 - MARSDEN LECTURE by M. Desbrundownload

April 8, 2014

9h00  - 10h00 - A. Blochdownload
10h00  - 11h00 - V. Jurdjevicdownload
11h30  - 12h30 - F. Silva Leitedownload
14h30  - 15h00 - M. Barberodownload
15h00  - 15h30 - M. Rodriguez-Olmosdownload
15h30  - 16h00 - C. Ragazzodownload
16h30  - 17h00 - K. Ehlersdownload
17h00  - 18h00 - Jair´s Birthdaydownload

April 9, 2014

9h00  - 10h00 - D. Lewisdownload
10h00  - 11h00 - D. Holmdownload
11h30  - 12h30 - H. Cabraldownload

April 10, 2014

10h00  - 11h00 - Y. Fedorovdownload
11h30  - 12h30 - M. Forgerdownload
14h30  - 15h30 - E. Padróndownload
15h30  - 16h00 - M. Etchechourydownload
16h30  - 17h00 - A. Cabreradownload
17h00  - 17h30 - G. Huberdownload

April 11, 2014

9h00  - 10h00 - M. de Leóndownload
10h00  - 11h00 - R. Montgomerydownload
11h30  - 12h30 - C. Tomei download
14h30  - 15h30 - T. Ratiudownload