Workshop on Conservative Dynamics and Symplectic Geometry

The Workshop aims to gather experts on Conservative Dynamics and Symplectic Geometry, from Brazil and abroad, in a leisurely ambiance.
Just as in the first five editions of the meeting, held at IMPA in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013, the program includes a small number of lectures, leaving plenty of time for informal discussions.
The main topics are Symplectic Topology with applications to Hamiltonian Dynamics, Contact Geometry, Dynamics of Lagrangian Systems and Twist Maps, Integrable Systems, Aubry-Mather theory, among others.

Youtube Playlist:

Monday, 3rd:

Viktor Ginzburg - download
Frederic Bourgeois - download
Mihai Damian - download
Basak Gurel - download

Tuesday, 4th:

Urs Frauenfelder - download
Marco Mazzucchelli - download
Otto van Koert - download
Miguel Abreu - download

Wednesday, 5th:

Michael Hutchings - download
Ely Kerman - download

Thursday, 6th:

Alberto Abbondandolo - download
Umberto Hryniewicz - download
Daniele Sepe - download
Renato Vianna - download

Friday, 7th:

Richard Siefring - download
Pedro Salomao - download
Eleny Ionel - download