2012 - Palestras Especiais: Steve Smale

Steve Smale was awarded a Fields Medal at the International Congress at Moscow in 1966. One of Smale’s impressive results was his work on the generalised Poincar´e conjecture. Smale has received many honours for his work. In addition to the Fields Medal described above, he was awarded the Veblen Prize for Geometry by the American Mathematical Society in 1966: for his contributions to various aspects of differential topology. In 1996 Smale received the National Medal of Science for four decades of pioneering work on basic research questions which have led to major advances in pure and applied mathematics. In addition , Smale has been awarded the Chauvenet Prize by the Mathematical Association of America in 1988 for his paper On the Efficiency of Algorithms in Analysis. In the following year he was awarded the Von Neumann Award by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Then in 2007 he was honoured with the award of the Wolf Prize for his groundbreaking contributions that have played a fundamental role in shaping differential topology, dynamical systems, mathematical economics, and other subjects in mathematics.

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